Admissions Process

Thank you for considering The British School for your children. We understand the importance of finding the right school for your child or children,  so we want to help your decision making process be an easy and positive experience!

Step-by-Step Admissions Process

STEP 1 – Online Application

Parents are asked to make a formal application by completing the application Form on the website

Please note applicants are only considered if the application form is fully completed, incomplete applications are not logged and will not be reviewed.

STEP 2 – Complete your documentation

All applicants must provide additional supporting documentation, the requested documentation is relevant for the admissions process and supports  accurate placement of the student.

You will be prompted to upload the additional documentation on the final page of your online application.

All additional documentation must be uploaded via our admissions portal, documentation must not be sent and will not be accepted via email as to protect the student’s personal data.

Please note that all submitted documents must be in English. If documents require translation, they must be stamped and signed as official, legal translations.

Documents to be submitted at the time of application

  • Copy of the Student’s Passport
  • Copy of the parent’s/guardian’s passports (in separate files)  Note: If you are a diplomatic family, we also require a copy of your visas
  • Copy of the applicant’s immunization/vaccination record
  • Student’s last two years of school reports (nursery reports for EC applicants)
  • Full details of any previously identified special educational needs including individual education plans (IEPs), educational psychologist or other therapist reports (only applicable for students with learning support needs

Documents to be submitted once a student has been enroled

  • Student’s Sweden ID card
  • Previous school’s Transfer Certificate

STEP 3 – Assessment

In order for any application to be considered the SEK 5,000 application fee must be paid, the application fee is:

  • A one-time fee to be paid at the time of application.
  • Refundable if the school does not offer the student placement at BS (unless the child’s registration is carried forward to the following academic year)
  • Non-refundable if the school offers the student placement but placement is denied by the student/parents
  • Non deductible from the total tuition fees, if the student is offered and accepts a placement at BS

STEP 4 – Review

Once the application fee is paid and all required documents has been submitted, the Admissions Office will review each complete application, the application is shared with the Head of School for review of the submitted academic records with a 24-hour turnaround time

A provisional acceptance can potentially be granted in advance of an assessment

STEP 5 – Admissions

The admissions team will contact you with an update on your child’s admissions verdict, possible admissions outcomes include the following:

  • Full acceptance
  • Provisional acceptance
  • Denied Admission

Upon success of your application you will receive a placement offer, sent to you using a secure online signature platform, failure to review, sign and return the document with-in the allocated time will result in the placement offer being revoked.

Please note that if a student is granted acceptance, an enrolment fee is payable after the student has been offered a place and parents have accepted the offer. Please note, this is a non-refundable fee.