Creating opportunity for students through experiential learning allowing them to gain real-world experience

Career education & guidance

Starting in Year 7 students will learn about career paths, the labour market, and educational routes through Career Carousels, sessions with guest speakers, and mock workday events such as “Young Entrepreneur’s Day”.

Students learn to recognize the value of mentorship within the workplace, are exposed to various professions, can link curriculum learning to careers, and increase in confidence and communication skills. 

We believe that this better prepares our students for the future while building a cohesive group of learners and educators within the local community

Effective parent involvement in our schools enriches the educational experience of our children

Work Experience Programme

When your children attend  BIS they’ll be developing the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Personal development, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and real skills for future employment.

A STEAM-wide initiative, a first of its kind utilizing its extensive network working with industry leaders in Sweden and beyond. We will be campaigning and creating specific partnerships that promote lifelong learning and professional development of students, equipping them with portable and transferable skills for their future.

STEAM Education is looking to bring the skills and tools to enable career success into the classroom and align it with passion and strengths at an early age.

Personal development, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and real skills for future employment

We inspire your child to embrace tomorrow’s opportunities. By encouraging your child to think ambitiously, independently and innovatively, we prepare them to take advantage of emerging career paths – or to forge their own.

We educate your child for a changing world. We collaborate with pioneering institutions developing programmes that will give them the skills, qualities and outlook to create their own exciting future.

We encourage our students to be socially ambitious and learning beyond the classroom is a key part of their development. We have a large variety of inspiring, educational and cultural experiences that will help to create confident and compassionate individuals, preparing the next generation of global citizens.

Our schools, and the one-of-a-kind opportunities we create for your child inside and outside the classroom, enrich learning, instill life-long memories and a deep sense of achievement. We welcome your family to become a valued member of our vibrant global community.

We treat your child as an individual by adapting to their personal learning preferences, strengths and areas for growth so they can achieve more than they ever imagined possible. At our schools, progress is always personal.

Your child will love coming to school. We inspire your child to embrace tomorrow’s opportunities. 

happy kids with invention kit at robotics school

Career Education

We believe that students should be exposed to opportunities to learn about workplaces from the beginning of their Senior School years. We aim to offer students a programme of advice and guidance that is stable and structured to enhance their curricular experience.