Health Services

Health Services

The school nurse works proactively and with promotion of student health. During the school day, students can contact the nurse for medical advice regarding minor injuries. Students are encouraged to consult the school nurse when they are concerned about their own health or the health of a friend. A school doctor is available when needed.


Vaccinations are carried out in Sweden by the schools during primary school education (grades kindergarten-nine) where children attend. Every effort should be made to have your child’s vaccinations up to date. We require that you submit a copy of your child’s vaccination record to the school nurse.

Medical forms

When your child starts at the British School, you will be required to complete several medical forms. Please return them promptly with all medical information provided. It is of utmost importance that the school is made aware of any condition your child has and any medication they are receiving. This will affect how they are treated in case of an emergency.