Terms & Financial Conditions.

Payment Terms

  • Tuition fees are invoiced per full school year* and, for returning students, are before the start of the school year in August and due to 1st April.
  • New students starting at the BS in August will be invoiced due to starting school. Generally, the invoice is sent out in April.
  • For students joining during the course of the academic year, tuition fees are calculated in full-term units (1/2 of the annual fee) and invoiced accordingly.

* in exceptional cases, where parents’ circumstances prevent them from paying the tuition fees for the full academic year as one payment (e.g. they carry the entire burden of the tuition fees and receive no assistance at all from an employer), parents can contact the Finance Department to apply for an alternative staged payment option. The school is not able to offer discounts on fees

Student Withdraws

  • All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the Admissions office –a three months notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready.
  • Please note that a full-term fee is charged for any part‐term attendance.
  • Pupils leaving the school are required to clear all obligations before final records will be forwarded to the next school or University.

Refund Policy

  • Pupils are enroled for the full academic year and any payments made to the school to secure a place for the academic year are final and there will be no refunds or reductions due to delayed entry, absence or withdrawal.

Swedish Government subside

The Government Subsidy does not cover the school Fee. The British School is entitled to subsidies from Swedish municipalities for students in grades 1-12. However, your child must have a Swedish Personal Number [personnummer] before starting at The British School. This is required for the School to receive municipality funding for your child’s place.

If the Swedish Personal Number is not obtained (or if the relevant municipality does not agree to fund the place) then your place at the school will be withdrawn and you will be personally liable for costs incurred by the School. If you are not correctly registered at the Tax Office, with a residential address in Sweden, you will also be personally liable for costs incurred by the school and your place will be withdrawn.

Company Benefits

Parents should note that even if their employer does provide education benefits, the company may not be considered a “Company Pay” account for British International school. Parents should check with the Registration Office to inquire about their employer’s status.

Company Accounts

Companies and organizations that have a current account with British International School are requested to provide parents of new students a letter stating that the company will be responsible for payment of tuition and fees. These companies are then required to pay the application fee, enrolment fee and tuition fees for the student within 10 days of the date the new student is accepted for enrollment.

Term and governing law

This fee payment, and the terms found herein, shall apply to the entire period during which the student is enrolled at BS and for as long as any fees are outstanding. This policy shall be governed by the laws of Sweden.

If you have any questions or a complaint pertaining your Personal Information you can e-mail us at: admissions@steameducation.se